Old World Craftmanship

enata Marsilli doesn’t build homes… she creates them.   With a background in Art and Interior Design she approaches each house as a three dimensional functional work of art.

Renata is from Milan Italy,  Tuscan Style Old World Construction runs in her blood.   She believes impeccable design isn’t learned,  you  are  born with it.    She works closely with the Architects, designing the home so it nestles in the land with the look of passing time.

No detail is left unexamined for authenticity, function and beauty.

Italian Villas are built to last generations upon generation to come.  We follow in the footsteps of the old masters and build honoring the old ways while embracing new and improved green building technologies.

Our Villas  are framed using  Aerated Engineered Concrete Block.  This product is resistant to fire, termites and mold.  It has great insulating properties  which makes it very energy efficient and it is incredibly strong,  withstanding winds up to 250 MPH. You can read more about it on the enclosed brochure.  Conventional wood framing can be used for interior walls, ceilings and roofs.